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Norton 360 Premium 2023

The new Norton 360 gives you IT protection in several layers for all your devices - all in one complete solution. Your Windows and Mac computers, tablets and smart phones are protected against viruses, extortion, phishing and other online threats.

Now you can buy Norton 360 Premium for only SEK 399! You save 80 percent compared to the regular price.

Today's Price: 399.00 kr 1999.00 kr
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For several years, Norton has been synonymous with IT security. Norton 360 is the developers' new comprehensive software suite that "does everything" and continues the company's fine tradition of offering protection for all your devices (PC, Mac, iOS or Android).

Once Norton 360 is installed, you will be greeted by a home screen where you can control and launch the various applications.

Norton 360 also includes Secure VPN, which was previously a payment component.

The brand new VPN solution is a must for surfing the web securely from a mobile device, especially in a public / insecure Wi-Fi network. You can use VPN to create a secure tunnel to the internet to prevent hackers from finding your real location and IP address. You can also place yourself / your device in another country. For example, it can be good if you are abroad and want to look at play services that can only be accessed from Sweden.

The Cloud Backup storage service is also included. The amount of storage differs depending on your Norton plan (Premium users get 75 GB). Cloud Backup is designed for your most important files, if your system is either compromised or if you suffer a ransomware attack, you can quickly get your data back to your devices.

Norton 360 now includes a multi-device password manager. It allows you to store your login information and passwords and access it from all your devices (where you have Norton installed and configured). There are plugins for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, among other things, which means that you get quick access directly in your browser.

This license is valid for two years and up to ten different devices (a mix of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). All features are available in Windows, but for example cloud backup and parental control are not supported by Mac OS.

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